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Intellectual Property Workshop

IP Management for SMEs & MSMEs

Managing a company IP assets include not only acquiring and registering the intellectual property rights through the national IP offices and international registration system but also adequately managing and exploiting such registered rights in an efficient manner in targeted markets.

Moreover, part of a company’s IP rights may not require formal registration but requires other means of protection such as contractual arrangements and security measures.
In order to exploit the IP assets fully, the companies should take adequate measures to develop and integrate IP policies within their overall business strategy and marketing plans which is quite often ignored by SMEs and MSMEs due to the lack of awareness about the importance of efficient management of IP rights.

As part of IP Workshop Series and in order to make more awareness on the importance of exploitation of intellectual property for local businesses, Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce intends to hold the training workshop on the “Effective Management of IP Assets by SMEs & MSMEs” on the date of June 30th.

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