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In order to help women who are either already engaged in business activities or seek to establish a business; we propose, the chamber creates a program that we call it Women Entrepreneurship Program, to support and empower women entrepreneurs in Iran.

WEP is a leadership program whose mission is to support women in their career ambitions by providing real business knowhow via access to self-made business leaders and to create a unique network of women who are successful in their businesses in Iran.



This program goal is to enhance the knowledge and provide the business opportunities for women to develop their entrepreneurial projects.

We educate women to succeed and grow their companies.

Fields of activity:

Women in Business:

The Women in Business program helps women led small-medium sized enterprises the know-how they need to grow and promote women owned, led and empowered businesses.

Women in Art:

Women in Art brings together inspirational women working in the art world to share contacts, and support one another through business & art workshops, networking, and professional developments events.  Women in Art objective is to create a new community for women working in the art world.

Women in Health:

The Women in Health program helps improve women’s access to health and educate them through developing workshops with UNICEF and Swiss Embassy, seminars and networking events. It addresses women lead in health-tech, and makes sure these issues are on the agenda of private and public companies.

Women in Stem (Science,Technology,Engineering,Mathematics):

The objective of the Women in Stem is to increase the representation, leadership and impact of women with STEM skills at all stages of the pipeline from school to boardroom. This program highlights the link between STEM skills, access to jobs and the potential for positive societal impact.

Lead with WEP:

The Women Entrepreneurship Program within Iran Switzerland Chamber of Commerce has launched Lead with WEP, an initiative to provide women and girls with better education, skills, and jobs post Covid.

The platform has been designed to prepare the workforce with the skills needed to future-proof their careers against the expected displacement of millions of jobs and skills instability as a result of technological change. It is also designed to provide businesses and economy with the skilled labor needed to fulfil the millions of new roles that will be created by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, shifts in the economy and industrial transitions towards sustainability.


Educational class

Speaker Series

Networking Events


Workshops & Educational Trips

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