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“Lead With WEP”

The Women Entrepreneurs Program is proud to launch its new course series “Lead with WEP” for all female students, a program for preparing students to enter the job market.

Would you like to experience working in an international environment and learn up-to-date skills?

Are you interested in internships in Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and its member companies?

Would you like to have more than one student skills after leaving university?

Would you like to get a valid certificate from the Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce?

A set of training and internship courses in international companies

These courses are designed based on studying the needs of large and international companies to prepare students for effective activities in today’s international markets.


Business English
Graphic Design (Photoshop)
Digital Marketing and Social Media
Excel (Basic)
CV Writing
Codes of Conduct
Effective Presentation
Team Work
Team Building
Project Management

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