About Us


* Promotes and facilitates better business relations between Iran and Switzerland.
* Provides essential information about doing business in these markets.
* Brings business leaders together to facilitate contacts and provide platforms for networking in both countries.
* Represents the mutual interests of members and takes action to further their interests.
* Facilitates the mobility of member firms and their employees in both countries.
* Promotes both countries as advantageous places to do business.
* Fosters good corporate citizenship to benefit the communities in which members do business.

Our Commitment to Your Business:


We'll continue to encourage initiatives from our members, and to combine our resources with theirs to do what no one business can do alone.



We'll take the lead in furthering our members' business interests in Switzerland, Iran, and internationally, through lobbying, public relations efforts, and direct government contacts.


High standards and innovative practices go hand-in-hand with successful businesses. The Chamber will take a proactive approach to determine the right strategies and get them implemented in a timely fashion.


Coherent, well-focused communications and the exchange of best practices information will help members build their businesses.


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