iranGrain is the largest scientific-commercial gathering in the field of grains from farm to the fork for those interested in Iran's grain market, which organizes international conferences and specialized workshops with the presence of activists and main stakeholders in the field of grain industry. "iranGrain" focuses on the strategic market of Iran and tries to bring together the main players and activists of the private and public sectors under one roof.

The purpose of holding the conference:

  • Provides information about new technologies in the field of machinery, production and commerce to people and organizations that are interested in the complete grain cycle
  • Holding seminars in the field of grains and inviting experts to exchange information with interested parties
  • Holding an annual conference to establish communication between companies, organizations and individuals in the field of grain production and exploitation and modern technology.
  • Reducing and eliminating obstacles in the grain sector such as import, export, commerce and banking affairs
  • Creating a communication bridge with various foreign companies, organizations and groups
  • Creating appropriate solutions to remove obstacles in doing banking and legal affairs
  • Creation of a scientific department by inviting related professors to lecture and exchange information and knowledge in this field in order to get to know the daily issues of grain from farm to the fork

Previous activities of iranGrain:

1. Conference 2nd & 3rd of December 2019

The first iranGrain international conference took place on December 2-3 at Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran. The conference was attended by 600 participants from 70 foreign companies, including countries such as Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, France, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark.

2. Outlook 2020 (iranGrain Book)

Given the realities of COVID-19, iranGrain decided to publish a reference book titled “iranGrain Outlook 2020”, encompassing the grain value chain of seeds, collection, storage, shipping, trade, legal, banking, inspection, milling, related technologies, innovation, etc. The launch of the comprehensive iranGrain book 2020-21 (with the cooperation of 42 authors and the support of 38 international and Iranian companies in the Iranian grain industry) after a year of effort, hold on 13 June 2021.

3. The second "iranGrain" international conference

was held on May 10 and 11, 2022 at Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran with a large presence of grain industry activists. This event was held with the presence of more than 900 participants and 39 domestic and foreign sponsors from Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, France, Switzerland and Germany. "iranGrain" conference took a successful step towards the great goals of this organization by conducting specialized panels and by inviting 30 researchers and prominent practitioners of the grain industry.

Future activities of iranGrain:

Holding a specialized workshop in cooperation with the Swiss company AgFlow on 13 September 2022 in Hall 35 of Tehran International Exhibition. This workshop is aimed at updating the activists of Iran's grain industry and synchronizing traders with profitable and less risky methods for smart export and import.

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