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HR 4G – The Next Generation Program

Program Objective:

Are you ready to work as a strategic, high impact partner to your business? Would you like to move from being reactive to proactive? To increase your credibility through your business? To enhance collaboration with your stakeholders? To work as a trusted advisor?

Our Goal is to:

• Establish a strong HR talent pipeline for our community and make talents visible
• Improve networking and collaboration across the whole local HR Community
• Foster HR business partnership mindset and behaviors amongst the participants
Target Audience:
This program is suitable for any early or mid-career HR professional who wants to increase their credibility, influence, and impact.

Whether you have a designated HRBP title or not, if you’d like to boost your business acumen, analytics capabilities, consulting skills, and solution design and implementation, this course will help you.

If you are a specialist working in a Center of Expertise, the focus on business acumen, as well as on collaboration and co-creating solutions, will help you to increase your value to clients and partners.


Chapter 1
Selecting for Success

Chapter 2
Creating a Performance Culture

Chapter 3
Influencing your Business

Chapter 1

Selecting for Success
• Defining the interview continuum
• Establishing the critical success factors for your positions
• Reviewing resumes & preparing effectively for the interview
• Identifying proper interview questions
• Providing a positive opening & structure to your interviews
• Selling the position & your organization to the candidate
• Concluding the interview with tact & clarifying next steps
• Evaluating & integrating information

Chapter 1
Selecting for Success
Training Plan:
4 days, each day 2 hrs (Total 8 hrs)