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Iran - Switzerland Chamber of Commerce Podcast

The Iran Switzerland Chamber Podcast series gets to the heart of key topics affecting the Iranian and Swiss business communities.
Produced by Saadat Cyrus and her team, the podcasts are a series of short informative lectures, debates and discussions which seek to analyze the important issues and inform businesses.


Chapter One - Episode 1 - Gold in Switzerland

The next time you use your gold ring, remember that it is 70% possible that this gold was refined in Switzerland !!


Chapter One - Episode 2 - The Chocolate Industry in Switzerland

Did you know that Switzerland does not have a cocoa tree ?! And how did it reach the chocolate market? What do you know about working children in this industry? Do you know conching technology?


Chapter One - Episode 3 - Language in Switzerland

Why is there peace and unity in the country despite the diversity of languages in Switzerland (4 different languages)?

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