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Past Events

Simple Ways To Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle Webinar

Following GOGREEN program, The Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce conducts a webinar on Simple Ways To Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle Webinar  on August 10, 2021 | 6 P.M. via SKYROOM platform. The webinar is held in collaboration with Avaye Tabiat Paydar Institute. This is An Online Discussion on Climate change, Ecological footprint, Waste management, Sustainable transportation, Environmental

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Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights for Tech-Industry Startup

When it comes to innovating, creating new things and entering new territory, having a proactive IP strategy is often better than being reactive later on. This workshop designed specifically for the unique needs of startups, founders and entrepreneurs in the tech industry. In this three-hour you will learn: * Overview of Intellectual Property Types: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights

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A Brief Introduction to Labor Law

The Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce will hold a course on 13th, 15th, 20th & 22nd  of June in order to get acquainted with some common and practical terms in labor contracts and the rules and regulations governing the relations between the worker and the employer. Useful for managers, employees and members of the human resources

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Switzerland’s Top Food-Tech Startups 2020

Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce organizes: Online seminar, on Skype, an introduction to Food Technology and acquaintance with the top startups in the field of Food Industry Technology in Switzerland. This program includes presentation of 9 top Swiss startups in Persian-English by Ms. Mir, Senior Manager of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, and Paria Mohammadpour, which will

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The Europe-Iran Business Forum

The Europe-Iran Business Forum is pleased to announce that the International Trade Centre and Iran Trade Promotion Organisation, working in partnership with the European Commission and the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have selected new dates for the Conference of the Europe-Iran Business Forum, which will now take place on March 1-3. Mr. Josep Borrell,

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