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Swiss delegation looks up for expanding ties in Iran Chamber of Commerce

A Swiss delegation headed by Mrs Livia Leu met Gholamhossein Shafei the head of Iran chamber of Commerce, industries, Mines and agriculture and also the members of Iran-Switzerland chamber in order to explore the ways to enhance the trade relations between two countries.


27 April 2015 ICCIMA`s public relation reported; Gholamhossein Shafei the president of ICCIMA highlighted the past bilateral cooperation in various fields of industrial machinery between two countries and said: high quality machineries of Switzerland are still working in the Iranian industries such as food, pharmaceutical and textile.

Experience of companies in the manufacture of industrial products based on technologies such as watch can be fertile ground for the revival of the industry in Iran. He added.

Stating the neutrality of Switzerland political views in the world, Shafei praised the efforts of Swiss companies in making connections with their Iranian counterparts and continued: President Rouhani opened up a new chapter in foreign affairs and during these days we are facing a large number of requests from all over the world looking for building up ties with Iranian economy.

Shafei mentioned the industries such as food, pharmaceutical, tourism and agriculture as a basis to expanding the ties and transferring the technology.

For his part Pedram Soltani the vice president of ICCIMA highlighted the untapped investment opportunities in Iran and said: the natural and human resources, big market of Iran are the potentials which we can have cooperation between two countries

We have passed the hard time of the sanctions and a bright future is in front of the Iran`s economy and at the moment Iranian private sector is looking for potential partners and various options for choosing but without limitation imposed by sanctions.

Soltani stressed the bilateral works in two level, first investment and cooperation between large enterprises and then planning for small and medium size enterprises between two countries.

stating the Iran`s position among top 10 countries according to the international tourism organization reports in terms of historical monuments and attractions, Soltani said: Switzerland benefit a good experience in education and chain hotel services of tourism industry and we believe that there are lots of opportunities for cooperation in this field.

For her part Mrs.Livia Leu head of the bilateral economic relations division and delegate of the federal council for trade agreements (SECO) mentioned the interests of both countries in cooperation and doing bilateral works in the region and said: the purpose of this mission is fact finding and we are here to explore the current state of economic relations and future potentials and offering the opportunities to the private sectors which have not been in Iran for years.

Livia highlighted negociations between Iran and 5+1 members and said: this was the most important step for peace, stabilities in the region and we encourage both sides to continue with the flexibility to reach comprehensive joint plan of action which will open the doors to raise and tap the potentials which has been untapped.

Switzerland value that bilateral relation over the past years which was based on the mutual respects and dialogue.she added.

Highlighting the importance of this meeting for Swiss representatives she said: There are many fields we can expand cooperation such as food, medicine which require a financial mechanism to bridge and connecting the sectors to each other and continuing our relations.

By: Aref Ahmadi