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Digital Transformation Online Course

Welcome to the Digital Transformation course.In today’s business landscape, companies are experiencing rapid changes in competition, markets, and technology. We are witness to the decline of incumbent businesses as well as new entrants to the market in the form of digital companies or the few incumbents who have managed a successful digital transformation. This can make us scared of losing our business or our job to one of these new digital companies.

In response, most companies start by making processes improvements to survive this digital competition. But I can assure you it’s not enough! Just scanning your documents or digitizing your receipts or even making a new website and starting to sell online is not enough to survive. To survive, the company needs a transformation. The transformation should include the business model and strategy. Leading and managing this transformation requires understanding digital technology, the digital world including competition, data and innovation, and most importantly the new generation of digital customers.

This course will show you what Digital Transformation is, the thought processes involved, and best practices to complete it. It is aimed at business owners, directors and senior managers and provides an overview of the process and an understanding of the business implications of Digital Transformation.

• first, we start with defining the digital transformation and necessity of it.
Then we will expand on how technology enables the change in the business landscape
• we will go through some technology-enabled digital strategies and successful examples and cases.
• And finally, we will study the most common digital transformation frameworks and models.
• The nature of the transformation is change, so we go through basic organizational change theories and how to bring your people on the Digital Transformation journey.

This course will enable you to:
• Discover and assess future business opportunities.
• Make use of theories, models, and tools needed when predicting the future of your business
• Be able to communicate clearly about digital technology and transformation
• Utilizing digital transformation frameworks as a “how-to” for transforming your organization.

Who is this course for?
This course is for business and start-up owners, directors, and senior managers (and those on their way), in any size company. The course provides a broad understanding of digital technology and Digital Transformation. This course will help you to understand how the Digital Transformation of your company will allow you to compete and seize new opportunities in the modern business environment. This course provides an overview of the process and an understanding of the business implications of Digital Transformation. It is not a course about the technical or systems side of Digital Transformation.