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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • First and foremost, a moral obligation; we want to treat our business partners fairly, truthfully, honestly. the way we wish to be treated. Trust in our value chain relationships is a key issue - it may take years to build it; it may take moments to destroy it.
  •  A business advantage; it strengthens business opportunities and business resilience. Behaving in a responsible manner makes a company more likely to be a partner of choice, consolidates business relationships, builds a positive brand, and increases the likelihood of a sustainable business future. Failing to behave responsibly opens up the elephant traps of business isolation, loss of brand value and attractiveness to partners and employees.Iran Responsible Business Promotion Network:

    Mission: The Network promotes responsible business in Iran as the leading excellence center.

    The Network encourages companies to strengthen responsible business practices. It informs, trains, supports and recognizes companies in this field by promoting best-practice transfer, linking them to experts and evaluating their performance.
    Sharing best practice: Learning from peers through discussions on issues of common interest / factory visits; information sessions on environmental and social performance
    Providing expertise: Supporting companies in identifying relevant sustainability issues / opportunities, engaging employees and implementing projects. The Network advises the individual company and finds qualified experts

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