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If you want to expand your business in the Swiss market, get more information about it, know the rules and regulations, and need more credit to trade with the world, the Iran Switzerland trade department will help you. Take a step forward.

Our team

In this section, we at the Chamber of Commerce of Iran - Switzerland support you and your company in the development and expansion of business activities in Iran-Switzerland. Whether you are launching your first foreign operations or already present in the market, we can tailor our services to meet your requirements. In this section, by providing commercial services for all your company's needs, it succeeds in entering the market of two countries. By providing market research and analysis of target groups for your company, chamber consultants can provide you with accurate and clear information. It is also possible to find a reliable and potential business partner in the consultants' room.


Our services are as follows:

1- Business consulting

2- Accreditation

Currently, Iranian companies are experiencing a gap in credibility at the global level, which is one of the gaps they face. In other words, due to political and regional issues, the phrase "made in Iran" is no longer considered an advantage. Therefore, Iranian companies must enhance their level in the world by creating added value in order to regain their place in the region.

As stated above, building trust between partners is key to establishing a business. Upon validating your company, you will receive a certificate, label, and comprehensive English report. As a result, you will gain the trust of your foreign partners around the world.

During this period The following companies have successfully obtained this credit

I-Gold rating


2.Dr. Akhavi Laboratory

3.Exon Agro Industrial Development

II-Companies evaluated in export/import ranking

 1.Gostaresh Fanavari (Representation of George Fischer Switzerland)

III-Companies evaluated in validity rating


2.Medisa Novin Payesh

3.Jame’e Social Studies Institue

4.Azaran Elm Net

5.Majd Avaran Sahand

6.Pouyan Pardazaesh Develoment

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