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Digital Development Services

Digital Development Services

This program has been launched with the aim of response to today's businesses needs with the cooperation of Edelweiss Technology Services Group.


1- The need for businesses to be present in cyberspace has increased.
2- Many businesses need cheaper solutions to shrink their IT department.


Services available for Iransuisse Chamber of Commerce audiences:


1- Free services of information security inspection
2- Website Design and Implementation
3- Computer network support
4- Special package for small businesses


Free services of information security inspection: 

How reliable is the information security situation and infrastructure in your business?

You can use our free services of inspection based on ISO27001.
• Information protection status
• Backup status
• The impact of remote working on information security in your business

Website Design and Implementation Services: 

The services of designing and running corporate and store websites will be provided depending on the needs of the business. Just call us.

Computer Network Support:

Computer, hardware and software network support services will be provided remotely and physically, depending on the needs of the business. These services will include the following:
1- Maintenance and support of operating systems and users softwares
2- Maintenance and support of server operating systems
3- Maintenance and support of hardware used in the network of companies
4- Support and maintenance of printers, scanners, etc.
5 - Support, maintenance and monitoring of Internet bandwidth usage
6- Sending a group or expert to fix the systems and devices
7- Support for hardware repair

Special package for small businesses:

Website design and monthly support services in the package are suitable for small businesses. These services include:

1- Designing and launching a basic website
2- Launching and managing emails
3- Launched website support
4- Updating and changes related to the content of the website

Website Samples:






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