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Past Events

The Unbankable Trade

This webinar will be held by Mr. Andreas Schweitzer, Director of Arjan Capital, Provides an overview of financing for importers, exporters and traders in the current situation. Join Us for The FREE Webinar on ISCC Instagram: 

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Principles of Knowledge Management

In this course you will learn how to successfully implement knowledge management (KM) practices to better manage knowledge assets within your organization. You will understand in what forms knowledge exist and how you can create added value for your organization by creating constructive knowledge flow. Finally, you will be able to design processes and incentive

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UNICEF, Ministry of Interior and Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce campaign

Improving the nutritional status of vulnerable young children significantly impacts their growth. The COVID-19 Pandemic has reduced access to and the affordability of healthy diets which translates into less diverse meals particularly among vulnerable young children. As a result, one of the main areas of intervention to reduce the secondary impact of COVID-19 is improving

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Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

Want to launch your business? A study of 1,000 Iranian entrepreneurs found that those with a business plan were more successful than those without. WEP at Iran Switzerland Chamber of Commerce has been hosting our recognized Business Plan Boot Camp for entrepreneurs and this time we will focus on sharing ideas, pivoting process, profitability and

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Creating a Performance Culture

Are you ready to work as a strategic, high impact partner to your business? Would you like to move from being reactive to proactive? To increase your credibility through your business? To enhance collaboration with your stakeholders? To work as a trusted advisor? Our Goal is to: • Establish a strong HR talent pipeline for

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Future of Switzerland-Iran Relations

Iran and Switzerland are traditionally connected through strong bilateral relations. Philippe Welti who was the Swiss Ambassador in Iran from 2004 to 2008, analyzes the situation and he will develop these topics: 1) What is the current situation of diplomatic relationship between Iran and Switzerland 2) What is the purpose of the SHTA (Swiss Humanitarian

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Covid-19 Outlook

Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Idehhub presents the webinar on Covid 19 Outlook Both positive and negative effects of Corona in Iran and world’s economy are not hidden from anyone and active people in business are interested in being informed about the growth or stagnation of Iranian startups. In this regard IDEHHUB published

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