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Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce (ISCC) is proudly committed to help its members grow in every aspect of their businesses. As part of our ever-increasing efforts, ISCC established its Legal Commission in the last year which comprises of reputable lawyers and law firms who have reliable knowledge and expertise in various industry sectors of international business and foreign investment. Building up on our experience in the preceding year and with the help of LexChange Strategic Partners, the Legal Commission further strengthened its efforts and launched a new initiative in order to enable the members to overcome their legal challenges: ‘LexChange’.

LexChange is an initiative aimed at creating a continuous dialogue between the Legal Commission and members of ISCC on topics of legal nature. The core idea at the heat of LexChange is to adopt a more proactive, efficient and transparent approach as to our interactions with members on legal matters.

As a result, LexChange is a platform where ISCC participants provide in-puts, and receive, in turn, thoughtful legal insights as out-puts. What we aspire to do as part of LexChange is to grasp a global picture of members’ legal needs and concerns. This will enable the Legal Commission to define effective strategies and adopt innovative ways best to address these concerns.


For the time being, we have defined three main programs under the umbrella of LexChange. Each of these Programs have a specific scope, but are intended to cover a wide range of legal matters. Please refer to the page of each program:

  • Legal Surveys 
  • Market Studies 
  • Junior Lawyers Club 


For any further information on our LexChange initiative and its programs, you can also directly contact Secretary of the Legal Commission:


Phone number: +98 912 931 4031


Legal Surveys


Defining effective strategies to address legal concerns of our members requires a constant flow of information. Therefore, we undertake to conduct various legal surveys as part of LexChange that for the time being, will mostly be in the form of monthly questionnaires.

At the end of each month, we will send you our LexChange Monthly Questionnaires (LMQs) and will ask you to fill them out and send them back to us. You can download LMQs from this webpage.

LMQs might vary in sector and scope, but essentially will be prepared so as to both identify and reflect current trends in legal issues ISCC members are facing. We will then collect, review and analyze LMQs to find common areas of interest and importantly, draw up a list of ‘frequently asked questions’ for each LMQ. As far as our resources allow, we will then strive to set up professionally relevant internal committees to prepare expert and written answers for these FAQs.

Further, depending on type, importance and specificity of matters, we might decide to hold a workshop for ISCC members only, or organize a publicly open seminar to further discuss explanations and solutions.

Finally, for matters which turn out to be beyond the scope of the work of the Commission, third party professional assistance by lawyers or law firms might be introduced upon the request of an interested member.


Market Studies


When it comes to complex legal matters, we know that finding an industry-experienced or practice-focused lawyer is not always easy. We are a neutral hub for connecting businesses and believe that adequate and reliable legal counsel must be readily available to businesses at all times.  For the first time in Iran, Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce intends to launch an initiative aimed at presenting a more transparent image of the Iranian legal market to businesses as well as lawyers themselves.

ISCC is planning to introduce clear criteria and processes in order to evaluate the legal market. The process will reflect international standards and will be essentially based on self-disclosed information and studies assumed by our research teams.

Currently we are working on the scope, procedure and other operational aspects of the project. Please follow us here for any further developments.



Junior Lawyers’ Club


As part of our social responsibility, we aim to support talented young lawyers to grow both in academic and professional capacities. This is why we are running a Junior Lawyers’ Club to bring together young law students and graduates who can contribute to the legal milieu of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce.

Our Junior Lawyers’ Club is where law students can meet other students and graduates who are interested in fields of international business law and foreign investment. They can join meetings with corporate and businessmen members of ISCC and also make acquaintance with lawyers and law firms who are members of the Legal Commission.

All law students and graduates who meet the following criteria can apply to join us in this vibrant program:

  1. Students enrolled in law bachelor programs / graduate programs related to international business, trade and investment;
  2. Vigorous academic record;
  3. Adequate English language skills


In order to apply, you need to send us your academic CV and proof of enrollment or graduation.










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