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Legal Surveys

Legal Surveys


Defining effective strategies to address legal concerns of our members requires a constant flow of information. Therefore, we undertake to conduct various legal surveys as part of LexChange that for the time being, will mostly be in the form of monthly questionnaires.

At the end of each month, we will send you our LexChange Monthly Questionnaires (LMQs) and will ask you to fill them out and send them back to us. You can download LMQs from this webpage.

LMQs might vary in sector and scope, but essentially will be prepared so as to both identify and reflect current trends in legal issues ISCC members are facing. We will then collect, review and analyze LMQs to find common areas of interest and importantly, draw up a list of ‘frequently asked questions’ for each LMQ. As far as our resources allow, we will then strive to set up professionally relevant internal committees to prepare expert and written answers for these FAQs.

Further, depending on type, importance and specificity of matters, we might decide to hold a workshop for ISCC members only, or organize a publicly open seminar to further discuss explanations and solutions.

Finally, for matters which turn out to be beyond the scope of the work of the Commission, third party professional assistance by lawyers or law firms might be introduced upon the request of an interested member.


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