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Networking At the chamber,

We provide a platform for exchanging and networking for Iranian and Swiss firms in both Iran and in Switzerland. Contacts among fellow members generates considerable inter-member business while allowing the best-in-practice methods of doing local business is exchanged.


HR Platform,

Wishing to play a more active role in assisting employers and potential applicants to connect, the chamber has setup the online HR Platform to do just that. The platform enables local and international companies to spot the right talent for their HR needs. CV bank and company profiles and job posting allow members to enhance their talent pool while getting the latest updates on labor conditions and regulations.


Iran Responsible Business Promotion Network 

CSR platform The Network is hosted by Iran Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Swiss Embassy. It offers introductory courses on corporate social responsibility, thematic workshops, networking opportunities, and tailor-made assistance for Iranian companies.

Women Entrepreneurs Commission

To help level the playing field for Iranian women entrepreneurs; the Chamber has established a commission to support, and to offer resources and tools needed to these entrepreneurs so that they can improve and grow their businesses.


Tourism commission

Tourism remains one of the most active fields between Iran and Switzerland. The aim of this commission is to build on this success by further expanding the field. In particular, the commission will concentrate on building historical and cultural tours emphasizing on the rich culture of the both countries.


Problem Solving Commission

This critical commission has been formed to leverage the existing collective capabilities and know-how of the members to solve or give directions to problems facing operational needs of fellow member’s. The range of the commission encompasses the legal, commercial, accounting, and day-to-day operational issues while concentrating on wider policy aspects of local laws.

Energy Commission

With the changing political and regulatory environment, the Energy Commission will gather experts and active companies in this field to exchange the latest local and international issues. The Commission will hold regular meetings with an evolving agenda to address this ever changing environment. It will also address the renewable energy sector while also addressing the challenges facing the traditional players in this field.


HR Commission

ISCC Human Resources Commission is a special platform designed to address the latest development in the field of HR and related local and international labor regulations. The Commission will conduct regular analysis of subjects and topics on group and individual cases while distributing best-in-practice methods to its member’s. It will further act as a bridge between specialized HR institutions in Switzerland and local HR specialists but holding seminars and conference on various related topics.

Iran Challenge (ISCC Startup Platform)

The Chamber has created an environment for startups to pitch their ideas to investors, executives, and industry leaders. Selected startups will have the opportunity to have:
• A dedicated display space to showcase their products and services.
• A chance to win the Peoples Choice, Judge’s Choice, or Highly Commended Awards. • An invite-only session of networking and mentorship with industry experts.


Food and Agri Commission

From the “Farm to Table” is the wide range of this very important commission which includes many companies that operate in this market. The changing regulatory environment and issue will be the main focus of this commission which will leverage our collective strength to push policy and regulations. It will further offer educational seminars in water conservation and farming best methods while also highlighting the health and environmental aspects of today’s food chain challenges.


Legal Commission

The legal commission has been formed to ensure our members are aware of the latest sanction regulations and have access to the best legal minds of this market. The commission will hold regular informative seminars and conference to ensure proper decimation of legal information. It will further work on creating an Arbitration platform based on the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, offering uniform, efficient, and cost effective means of binding dispute resolution based on best practices and international standards.

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