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Covid-19 Outlook

Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Idehhub presents the webinar on Covid 19 Outlook Both positive and negative effects of Corona in Iran and world’s economy are not hidden from anyone and active people in business are interested in being informed about the growth or stagnation of Iranian startups. In this regard IDEHHUB published

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HR 4G – The Next Generation Program

Program Objective: Are you ready to work as a strategic, high impact partner to your business? Would you like to move from being reactive to proactive? To increase your credibility through your business? To enhance collaboration with your stakeholders? To work as a trusted advisor? Our Goal is to: • Establish a strong HR talent

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Covid 19

The health of every society is the responsibility of its citizen. Actions taken by various countries, are efforts for individual accountability, for vulnerable individual that are at higher risk. We all need to join forces to prevent the fast progress of this virus.  

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Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce is joining Nafas Campaign

Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce is joining Nafas Campaign. Nafas campaign is a comprehensive and tremendous move to fight the new coronavirus outbreak. Formed by the private section, in particular chambers of commerce to help with the current crisis in our country. As you know many of our hospitals and health facilities are in urgent need

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The largest gathering of global grain and oilseeds community was held on Dec 2nd and 3rd

“iranGrain”, the largest gathering of global grain and oilseeds community was held on Dec 2nd and 3rd at Espinas Palace Hotel. At “iranGrain”, we were passionate about the Iranian market and bringing government and private sector figures under one roof for two very informative and insightful days.                

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HR Platform

Chamber wishes to play a more active role in assisting employers and potential applicants to connect and enable local and international companies to spot the right talents for the right HR needs. With that in mind, the Chamber has set what is called a « HR platform » indicating its positioning as an intermediary in

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